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online income without investment 

When it comes to small businesses in the city,online income without investment they are basically ordinary people who don't have a fixed job. They are earning a little hard money and hardly need any investment. If you can earn three to four hundred yuan a day, it must be a very good project. I recommend some here for your reference and research.

Foreign trade women's clothing stall

This small business basically does not require much capital. You only need to choose a place with a lot of people, especially a place where women love to go to set up a stall, and the daily income of three to four hundred yuan is basically no problem. Nowadays, there are some brands of women's clothing on the market, all of which are original foreign trade orders. They are directly obtained from foreign trade factories.Free Sex PicturesThe quality is the same as that of the counters, and the price is only two to three percent off the counters. Therefore, ladies who know the goods generally like to buy clothes in such a stall. They are all brand women's clothing. The profit margins are very large. It is recommended to investigateFree Sex Pictures.

Mobile snacks

To do this small business in a big city, as long as you can choose a suitable place, such as schools, large factories, hospitals and other places with a lot of people, it should be easy to earn three to four hundred yuan a income without investment There are many things such as pancakes, pancakes, teppanyaki, potato pancakes, etc. Generally, the income can reach more than 400 yuan in three hours in the morning. If you go to the stall at night, you can definitely earn 300 or 400 yuan on that day. The premise is the product. Fortunately, this is number one.

City send bottled water online income without investment

How profitable is it to send bottled water in the city?online income without investment I once saw a delivery of bottled water in the community, and I chatted with him. He said that he specializes in delivering water and can earn 15,000 yuan a month by delivering water. Because the road is familiar, the scope is wider, there are more old customers, it is easy to send water, and the return is high. I can't rest for a day, running around. According to him, the amount of bottled water is at least 100,000 yuan a year. Many can reach two or three hundred thousand. Look, it's such a humble little business, and it doesn't require any investment. It makes three to four hundred yuan a day. It's just a bit harder.

Do children's business online income without investment

It’s best to make money in children’s business in the city. Now most of the families are only children. Children’s money is particularly good. If there is a large flow of children, you can consider making cotton candy for small profits. Ordinary marshmallows cost 3 to 5 yuan each, and fancy marshmallows are the most profitable, and one can sell for 10 to 50 yuan. The cost only needs a few teaspoons of sugar. There are also toys and the like, which are generally educational and fun toys, as long as the child wants it, the parents pay for it every minute. Therefore, for such a small business, it should be no problem at all if you say you earn three to four hundred yuan a day.

In short, there are many ways to make money in the world, and the key is the word "earn". Business is done by people. The key to making money is people. For a lazy person, no matter how good the business is, he can't support himselfonline income without investment.

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